Show Only to Selected Users and User Groups

In this demo Notifier Shows only to Guest User Groups.

All you need to do is go to settings section USERS. Then you can do below variations:

  • Show to -
    Selected User(s)
    Selected User Group(s)
  • Select User(s)
    You can select only one or multiple users
  • Select Group(s)
    You can select only one or multiple user groups

This will help you showing your notifications to Any selected user, multiple users , user group or multiple user groups

Module Position debug ( You can also create your own position. Just before the body close tag </body> add <jdoc:include type="modules" name="coolnotifier" style="none" /> and write at module position coolnotifier.
Theme Pure HTML - This theme let you adding any html code in the Notifier
Notifier Position Top Center 0% - Top Distance 0%
Inner Padding 0%
In Effect Rotate In
Out Effect Rotate Out
Sound Effect Door Bell
Re-Open Button Yes
Overlay Disabled
Smart Trigger After Some Seconds
Session Cookie No
Users Selected Groups -> Guest
PLEASE NOTE: After Downloading Cool Notifier you will get access to all Pre Ready Parameters for several Notifier Themes
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