Parameter Uploader

PARAMETER UPLOADER is a great tool, it saves you time & money. Let me explain,

Configuring an extension is one of the biggest problem for many site-builders, developers or webmasters.

Extensions are developed for wide range of users, websites and concepts, hence they are not tailor made almost every extension has many many parameters, even you need just a few of them, you need to study almost all of them!

Here comes the solution: PARAMETER UPLOADER

How to get Ready Designs?

  1. Visit the Design MarketPlace ( There are Free and Paid Design )
  2. View Demos of Cool Designs, Ideas fit to your website / project
  3. When you find one that fits to your website / project you may download it. ( it will be sent to your email address )

Upload Downloaded Design File via FTP

  1. Open folder modules/mod_coolnotifier/assets/readyparameters via FTP
  2. Upload your downloaded design parameter .txt file to that folder
  3. Now Go to your sites /administrator area

How to upload a Ready Design you get?

  1. Create your new cool notifier module instance ( you may do that by creating a new module, by duplicating an existing module or by batch method )
  2. Go to new modules module parameters
  3. First Fieldset after Module Permissions is Parameter Uplader
  4. If the module is newly created, you must save the module ( you will read the information in fieldset area too )
  5. Now you will see the select list of Ready Designs.
  6. Design Parameter file that you downloaded via FTP should be visible at the select list
  7. Select it, when you select it Upload Parameters button will be visible
  8. Click to Upload Parameters button, you will see success message and the page will refresh in 3 seconds after the message
  9. VOILA! that is it! Your new design is ready!


Please Note:  PARAMETER UPLOADER AND READY DESIGNS are available only for Pro Packages